“Retirement Specialist” Financial Planners

Are you looking forward to retirement; or already enjoying it? Do you have goals, ambitions and an active, fulfilling life that you want to lead?

But are you also concerned that you may not be making the most of your pensions, savings and investments; money that you (will) rely on to fund your lifestyle?

Perhaps other issues such as making gifts to family, tax mitigation and potential future care costs, are making planning more complicated?

QED is a financial planning business established to serve the needs of a small number of private clients and their families; helping them make smart decisions about money.

We provide clear explanations and expert, award-winning guidance, that will leave you feeling relaxed and in control of your financial future.

This website and our brochure will explain more about what you can expect as a QED client.

If you would like an exploratory conversation — without any obligation or cost on your part — please call Darren Baker on: 0800 6122835, or email: darren@qedwm.com

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New Model Adviser 2015
Honest straight talking is what I was looking for and was fortunate to meet Darren Baker.

He spends the time and effort to really explain things. He keeps me informed in an easy to understand way. It is honestly quite refreshing to meet somebody like Darren who has a total grasp of your situation and genuinely does whatever necessary for your best interests.