QED’s owner and principal adviser is Darren Baker

I’ve worked in the financial sector for 30 years. Prior to becoming a director of a top 100 accountancy and financial services business, I was employed by a major bank. In 1997, I set up my own firm.

My passion is helping people realise their retirement lifestyle goals. I achieve that by developing a structured and bespoke financial plan and by following an effective and tried-and-tested investment management strategy.

I’m proud to be one of an elite group of advisers who hold both Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planner qualifications – and I’m a Chartered Wealth Manager. I also have other investment, pension, taxation, financial planning, legal and trust qualifications. Those credentials, combined with my experience, allow me to take the broadest possible view of my clients’ affairs, rather than providing restricted or piecemeal advice.

As well as being Chair of Evidence Based Investment Solutions (EBIS) — an academic investment group — I’m also a founder member of Segment7. The Segment 7 organisation is a group of highly-qualified advisers who provide complex financial and investment advice to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Based on my work with top class athletes, I wrote: Your Financial Coach. The book aims to impart practical financial and life advice to professional sports people – although much of the content applies equally to non-sports people. I am very proud that it was nominated for the British Sports Book Awards 2014 and 2015.

Family is extremely important to me, as is getting the most out of life. I enjoy keeping fit and participating in anything that is different and/or a challenge, including ultra/endurance, adventure and swimming events (when not injured!)

What gets me on my ‘soap box’ are: pessimists, the ‘herd mentality’, a poorly packed dishwasher and most TV ads.

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Darren Baker
Darren Baker
When my wife and I needed proper professional advice we looked at other IFAs and realised that…Darren was so far ahead of them in terms of research, seriousness, management backup and probity.