Helping people make smart financial decisions

Our clients are typically successful individuals who are approaching retirement or already retired. They are serious about bringing structure to their financial affairs and would like to know that they, and their family, will be looked after by a trusted adviser.

They often share similar characteristics. Whilst certainly not exclusive, these typical characteristics might be best described as:

  • Successful – often are, or have been, business owners, partners in professional firms or executives
  • Aged between 50 and 70
  • Actively working towards their retirement, or already retired
  • Family focused, with strong family values
  • Residing in the South-West of England (although QED has clients across Southern England & Wales)
  • Home owners with property valued at more than £400,000 (often much higher)
  • Savings and Investments (Pensions, ISAs, Cash etc.) of more than £250,000 (often much more)

Financial Challenges:

  • Want to live a full and enjoyable life without financial concern
  • Have accumulated an assortment of pensions, savings/investments, but unclear which are “good” and which “not so good”
  • Want to know what level of income they can reasonably expect to draw from these
  • If not yet retired, want to establish when they will have sufficient funds to do so
  • Plans to gift/save for children and/or grandchildren, but don’t want to undermine their own financial security
  • Unsure how best to manage estate and inheritance tax planning – and what about potential future care costs?
  • May view financial planning and investing as a complex maze
  • Want help with a strategy and somebody to handle all of the necessary paperwork

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