Your Financial Coach

Everybody needs access to good quality financial advice.

Darren’s experience advising elite athletes inspired him to write “Your Financial Coach”, a book which delivers practical financial and life advice to professional sports people – although much of the content applies equally to non-sports people.

The core of the book deals with Financial Management – how to go about organising and managing your monetary affairs.

It also considers other common challenges that many people face during their lives – and offers the counsel of professionals, past and present.

Darren’s hope is that by highlighting these issues and providing some practical tips and advice, he can help minimise anxiety, cut down on prevarication and spur people into taking positive action.

Your Financial Coach was nominated for the British Sports Book awards 2014 and 2015.

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Your Financial Coach
What Darren provides is a focus on a balanced portfolio, tuned to a level of risk tailored to your circumstances and objectives with investment funds that are not like vampires that drain away the value of your portfolio with high fees.