Your wealth securely and intelligently managed and an investment portfolio that’s tailored to meet your needs, values and attitude.

We invest our family savings on the same basis as we invest our clients’ monies.

We adopt an unbiased and completely independent investment selection process, where decisions take account of academic evidence and research. It’s our belief that choosing investments on the basis of hard facts not only helps minimise risk, but also increases the possibility of achieving larger than average investment returns.

Minimising investment risk, costs, fees and taxes is a key part of our service.

This brochure summarises QED’s systematic approach to investing: Pursuing a Better Investment Experience


Our investment portfolios are constructed to reflect the individual needs and preferences of each of our clients.

By evaluating historic performance and current market conditions, we can give you a realistic indication of what you can expect in terms of future returns and volatility.

Risk is an intergral part of any investment, so it is crucial that you understand exactly what level of risk you are taking and what that could mean it terms of: i) potential additional returns; ii) potential losses; and iii) increased volatility.

We will take great care to assess your personal attitude towards risk and then compare this to your capacity to take risk (how much loss could you suffer before it affects your ability to achieve your goals), and; your need to take risks in order to secure the returns needed to meet your goals.

And as every QED client has access to exclusive institutional funds, up-front costs and on-going charges are among the lowest in the industry. Minimising investment costs, fees and taxes is a key part of our service.

Portfolios are reviewed regularly to ensure they are: i) performing as expected ii) still appropriate for your needs and iii) as effective and efficient as possible.


At QED, we believe people should be able to invest their money in line with their goals and values.

We feel that it is important to “make your money matter”, and the way you invest your savings can make a real difference.

To help clients align their finances with their values, QED offer a range of “ESG” (Environmental, Sustainable & Corporate Governance), investment portfolios, in addition to our “standard” portfolios. These are regularly reviewed to maximise the impact they make, whilst maintaining strict adherence to our logical, evidence-based investment philosophy.



Darren Baker is a founding member and current chair of the EBIS academic investment group. For further information visit


We have no ties to banks, investment managers or insurance companies. We are completely independent and our advice is provided without of any form of bias.

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Darren listens really well and takes the time to understand personal goals. His assessment of his clients attitude to risk is the best I have come across from an advisor and very thorough.